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Il TPP spiegato per punti 05.10.15

In attesa di veder sorgere anche la versione transatlantica, l'amministrazione Obama è riuscita nell'intento di raggiungere l'accordo sul TPP, il trattato di libero scambio transpacifico con Giappone, Canada, Australia, Nuova Zelanda, Singapore, Cile, Perù, Malesia, Brunei, Vietnam e Messico.

Favorevoli e oppositori all'accordo, vantaggi e svantaggi del TPP spiegati in 9 punti da Vox.

The TPP is expected to reduce trade barriers among these countries, lowering tariffs on goods such as trucks, rice, and textiles.

But it will do a lot of other things, too. The agreement could require countries to adopt stricter labor and environmental rules, provide stronger legal protections to drug companies, lengthen the term of copyright protection, give foreign investors a new way to challenge countries' laws and regulations, and much more.

In short, modern trade deals like the TPP are about a lot more than just trade. They've become one of the major ways the world hashes out the rules of the global economy. And that's a big reason the deal has become controversial.