Niente panico! Ok, panico.

The X-Files s10e03 03.02.16

Tutti gli easter egg, per veri patiti, dell'ironica/trash/horror/geniale meta-puntata di X-Files raccolti da Vulture.
Mulder e Scully alla prese con la lucertola mannara.

Mulder and pencils. Usually he throws them into the ceiling (the first episode where that happened was the killer-doll episode "Chinga," from season five, co-written by Stephen King). Here, Mulder throws his No. 2s like darts at the ever-present "I Want to Believe" one-sheet. "Mulder," says Scully, "what are you doing to my poster?" Glad she had a replacement after Mulder kicked and ripped another one in the season-ten premiere.

[...] The graveyard sequence is especially dense with references. Mulder approaches, and lovingly touches, a tombstone engraved with the name of the late Kim Manners, the director who helmed the most X-Files episodes (52 in total), from his season-two debut ("Die Hand Die Verletzt") to the season-nine series finale ("The Truth"). The epigraph on the stone, "Let’s kick it in the ass," was a frequent Manners saying.