25 anni di Civilization

Geek   21.02.16  

Il videogioco di strategia a turni per antonomasia che abbraccia l'intera storia della storia dell'umanità ha compiuto 25 anni.
1 miliardo di ore giocate, 66 versioni e 33 milioni di copie vendute dopo, VentureBeat ripercorre la storia della creazione di Sid Meier. Civilization.

Civ game designers from across those 25 years — Bruce Shelley, Sid Meier, Brian Reynolds, and Soren Johnson — got together in a panel at the DICE Summit today, the game event in Las Vegas, to talk about the design and impact of Civ throughout the years. [...]

At the time the game came out, Sim City and Populous had already debuted in the "god games" genre. But Civ was still unique in how it tried to simulate all of human history.

"We felt the game was fun," Meier said. "There was no game like this. We could break new ground and make it work."

Meier said the game had its started in a "golden period of MicroProse," after the company had shipped hit games like Railroad Tycoon, Covert Action, Pirates!, and various flight simulators.

"There was a hint that strategy might be something cool," Meier said. "Beyond railroads, what was an epic topic for simulation? We wanted to end up with something big. What about the history of Civilization? We were inspired by SimCity with god games. The core was a number of simple systems: economic, combat, growth. Everything was understandable on its own. Once it all interacted, the decisions for the player became very interesting."

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