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Come acchiappare i Pokémon rari in Pokémon Go 12.07.16

Digg ha raccolto una serie di guide e suggerimenti per trovare e acchiappare quanti più Pokémon rari possibili nel nuovo successo planetario di Nintendo, Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go, Nintendo's first mobile-based Pokémon title, is officially out worldwide, and that means thousands of budding trainers will be hitting the streets looking for wild Pokémon.

It also means thousands of people will be walking around cities and towns looking intently at their phones disregarding all manner of hazards in the quest to be the best like no one ever was. But how to play Pokémon Go safely is another post.

Here's how to catch your first Pokémon, then catch more rare Pokémon and finally power them up so you can capture gyms for your team.

The Most Important Thing You Need To Do Is Walk

"The point of Pokémon Go is to travel around, exploring different geographic areas to find appropriate Pokémon. In a small town, expect to find a lot of normal- and grass-types. Going near water will attract water Pokémon. Playing at night brings out more nocturnal creatures, like Clefairy and Gastly."