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Mad Max: Fury Road in bianco e nero 28.09.16

La versione originale (ne esisteva anche una pirata, ma senza sonoro) in bianco e nero di Mad Max: Fury Road presto in vendita su Amazon.
Per dirla con le parole del regista George Miller:

The best version of Road Warrior was... they used to do a "slash dupe" in music. To make a really cheap print, they'd make a black and white version for the composer. They used to put lines [across it], if you see old documentary footage of composers in the past, you'd see them looking at the screen and conducting, that was a slash dupe, and it was black and white. And you'd mix the sound that way [too]. And every time I saw the black and white I thought "oh, my god!" It just reduces it to this really gutsy high-con black and white, very, very powerful.