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La nascita di South Park 25.11.16

Iniziò tutto con una storia sul Natale e i regali. Enterteinment racconta la genesi della serie che ha ammazzato Kenny.

Matt and I were at the University of Colorado at Boulder [in 1992]. When you're in the film school, you're working on someone's film every weekend, so you're spending your weekends on set. Matt and I would always end up either running cameras or running sound or something. Shoots are so f--king boring, and we would just sit there doing voices for each other—that's where it actually started. We would always talk like these little kids and make each other laugh. So we had a year of doing little skits with the voices before we shot anything. The film department showed student films at the end of the semester. I was like, "There should be something Christmassy," because these screenings were a few days before Christmas. I had done one even before that, called American History, with construction paper cutouts, and I got a student award for it. So Matt and I just did this little Jesus and Frosty thing.