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Archeologia spaziale 30.01.17

Il National Geographic racconta come gli archeologi moderni abbiano iniziato a sfruttare la tecnologia delle rilevazioni satellitari per scoprire e analizzare siti archeologici e riportare alla luce antichi reperti.

Parcak uses remote sensing to see what would bethings hidden to the human eye. "Space archaeology is the study and the use of satellite images for mapping ancient archaeological features and environmental features by looking at different parts of the light spectrum," saidsays Parcak. "We see subtle changes on the Earth's surface caused by what's buried beneath." The satellite imagery records frequencies outside the visible spectrum that the human eye can see: near infrared, middle infrared, thermal infrared, and radar. This imagery reveals features such as buried stone walls, geology, and vegetation changes. Enhanced imagery can help identify buried sites that archaeologists can then explore on the ground.