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La biblioteca di Mosul 04.07.17

Sconfiggere l'ISIS con la cultura.
Nella martoriata città irachena, il blogger Mosul Eye ha lanciato una campagna per ricostruire e ricostituire la biblioteca universitaria.
La sua storia raccontata dal New Yorker.

I could smell the acrid soot a block away. The library at the University of Mosul, among the finest in the Middle East, once had a million books, historic maps, and old manuscripts. Some dated back centuries, even a millennium, Mohammed Jasim, the library's director, told me. Among its prize acquisitions was a Quran from the ninth century, although the library also housed thousands of twenty-first-century volumes on science, philosophy, law, world history, literature, and the arts. Six hundred thousand books were in Arabic; many of the rest were in English. During the thirty-two months that the Islamic State ruled the city, the university campus, on tree-lined grounds near the Tigris River, was gradually closed down and then torched. Quite intentionally, the library was hardest hit. isis sought to kill the ideas within its walls—or at least the access to them.