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Wes Anderson classificato 21.03.18

Vulture ha provato a stilare una classifica di tutti i film diretti da uno dei miei registi preferiti, Wes Anderson.

Ranking the films of Wes Anderson feels like a fool’s game, because he's an auteur's auteur, with a sensibility so rigorously defined and articulated that you're either inclined to embrace it fully or reject it completely. He doesn't do failed experiments or gun-for-hire studio projects or one-offs in a minor key. And though his commercial fortunes have waxed and waned, there's no evidence that he's ever cared to fit into the marketplace — or even would know how to do so if he could.

His debut feature, Bottle Rocket, could be called a blueprint of things to come, but beyond that, every moment in his films has been completely thought through and fussed over, which explains why the frame-by-frame arduousness of stop-motion animation was such a good fit for Fantastic Mr. Fox and his superb new comedy, Isle of Dogs. Missteps are rare to nonexistent. Every film is exactly as Anderson intended it to be, without the hit-or-miss or ebb-and-flow nature of most directorial careers.