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20 grandi film che hanno compiuto 20 anni 25.08.18

Scena tratta da Il grande Lebowski
Scena tratta da Il grande Lebowski

20 imperdibili pellicole uscite nel 1998 raccolte e classificate da A.V. Club, da Il grande Lebowski a Happiness.

Talking ants. Unlikely detectives. Pigs in the city. Shakespeare in love. In 1998, the movies found room for all of the above and more. Nothing made the kind of impact that Titanic had the previous year. In fact, there’s a case to be made that James Cameron's disaster epic about the doomed ocean liner was really the biggest movie of 1998, too, given how thoroughly it dominated the box office (and movie culture in general) for the first few months of the year. But there were plenty of triumphs to savor. Below, we've singled out the 20 best movies that opened in American theaters in 1998, from the multiplex hits to the indie sensations to the international gems. Two decades later, they still shine, if only a little less bright than a diamond necklace dropped to the bottom of the ocean.