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AirPods 15.09.16

Non delle semplici cuffie wireless. Le AirPods sono la seconda piattaforma indossabile di Apple.

Apple introduced AirPods as a $159 solution to a problem that many iPhone users never thought they had: wired headphones. By accelerating the transition away from wired headphones, Apple is convinced that the user experience found with mobile devices will be improved. While AirPods are designed to handle most of the tasks currently given to wired EarPods, a look inside shows that Apple aims to do much more with the device. Apple's new W1 chip, the company's first wireless chip, addresses traditional shortcomings attached with wireless headphones. However, when the W1 chip is combined with additional sensors, including voice accelerometers, AirPods become Apple's latest product that capitalizes off of Siri.

Reinventare le cuffie 07.09.16

Semplicità, eleganza, tecnologia, con un cuore intelligente.
La capacità di ridurre all'essenziale una tecnologia matura per venderla in un'elegante confezione dal design unico è tra i più grandi talenti di Apple.