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Fattorie robotiche 30.04.14

Fattoria robotizzata

Si sta diffondendo la mungitura robotica e sembra avere soltanto vantaggi. Per gli allevatori, per le mucche, per la qualità del latte e per gli affari.

Something strange is happening at farms in upstate New York. The cows are milking themselves.

Desperate for reliable labor and buoyed by soaring prices, dairy operations across the state are charging into a brave new world of udder care: robotic milkers, which feed and milk cow after cow without the help of a single farmhand.

Scores of the machines have popped up across New York's dairy belt and in other states in recent years, changing age-old patterns of daily farm life and reinvigorating the allure of agriculture for a younger, tech-savvy -- and manure-averse -- generation.