Ha dimostrato il paradosso del gatto imburrato.

Diaspora si avvicina 27.08.10

Diaspora, l'alternativa open source a Facebook, rilascerà il suo codice il 15 settembre.

Facebook finanzia Diaspora 28.05.10

Zuckerberg ha deciso di finanziare Diaspora, il social network attento alla privacy.

Diaspora, l'altro social network 12.05.10

Diaspora aims to be a distributed network, where totally separate computers connect to each other directly, will let us connect without surrendering our privacy. We call these computers 'seeds'. A seed is owned by you, hosted by you, or on a rented server. Once it has been set up, the seed will aggregate all of your information: your facebook profile, tweets, anything. We are designing an easily extendable plugin framework for Diaspora, so that whenever newfangled content gets invented, it will be automagically integrated into every seed.