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Doom coi Lego 29.09.14

Le ambientazioni e le atmosfere del videogame Doom ricreate con oltre 15.000 mattoncini Lego e tre mesi di lavoro da Iain "Ochre Jelly" Heath.

Come abbiamo creato Doom 28.01.14

John Romero e Tom Hall, i creatori del leggendario sparatutto in prima persona degli anni '90, raccontano la genesi di Doom.

We got the title from The Color of Money – the bit where Tom Cruise explains what he keeps in his pool-cue case. At the very start, I wrote a framing story that began with a demon bursting in on a bunch of soldiers having a card game and killing everyone but the player. I wanted more story throughout to heighten the sense of dread. But id was undergoing a big change: technological advances were now dictating videogames. So for Doom to be landmark, it had to put graphics first. My story stuff – which was used as a structure, but never explicitly told – was a few years too early: the Half-Life games, the next landmark first-person shooters, were more like the sort of thing I had in mind.