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La mappa delle stelle di Hollywood 23.06.13

Hollywood Star Chart

Quelli di Dorothy Collective, dopo essersi dedicati ai film e alla musica, hanno realizzato due nuove spettacolari mappe che raffigurano le stelle del cinema moderno e della Golden Age.

The Modern Day version of our Hollywood Star Chart features constellations named after some of the most culturally significant films to have appeared on the silver screen since 1960 - present day. The stars that make up the clusters are the Hollywood stars that appeared in them.

The chart is based on the night sky over New York on June 16th 1960 -- the date of the first showing of Hitchcock's 'Psycho' at the DeMille Theater. With its new approach to storytelling, characterisation and violence it is seen as a key movie in the start of the post-classical era of Hollywood.

The 108 films featured include those chosen for preservation in the US National Film Registry due to their cultural, historical, or aesthetic significance; Academy Award winners; and a few personal favourites. Films include Easy Rider, Bonnie and Clyde, The Exorcist, The Godfather, Chinatown, Star Wars, Pulp Fiction and Avatar.

La mappa dei film 20.07.12

La mappa dei film

La mappa stradale con oltre 900 titoli di film, dai classici intramontabili ai b-movie, creata da Dorothy Collective.

Una città di canzoni 20.12.11

Song Map

Il poster in formato mappa stradale con i titoli delle canzoni al posto dei nomi delle vie in vendita su Dorothy