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The X-Files s10e03 03.02.16

Tutti gli easter egg, per veri patiti, dell'ironica/trash/horror/geniale meta-puntata di X-Files raccolti da Vulture.
Mulder e Scully alla prese con la lucertola mannara.

Mulder and pencils. Usually he throws them into the ceiling (the first episode where that happened was the killer-doll episode "Chinga," from season five, co-written by Stephen King). Here, Mulder throws his No. 2s like darts at the ever-present "I Want to Believe" one-sheet. "Mulder," says Scully, "what are you doing to my poster?" Glad she had a replacement after Mulder kicked and ripped another one in the season-ten premiere.

[...] The graveyard sequence is especially dense with references. Mulder approaches, and lovingly touches, a tombstone engraved with the name of the late Kim Manners, the director who helmed the most X-Files episodes (52 in total), from his season-two debut ("Die Hand Die Verletzt") to the season-nine series finale ("The Truth"). The epigraph on the stone, "Let’s kick it in the ass," was a frequent Manners saying.

L'easter egg di Google per Star Wars 25.11.15

Mentre decidete di abbracciare il Lato Chiaro della Forza o cedere al Lato Oscuro, provate a cercare "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away", memorabile incipit di Guerre Stellari, su Google: vi si aprirà una particolare versione della pagina con l' effetto a scorrimento tipico dei titoli di apertura di ogni film della saga.

L'easter egg nascosto dentro il sito di Alphabet 11.08.15

Nascosto nel testo della lettera di Larry Page pubblicata su Alphabet, la nuova holding che raggruppa tutti i progetti e gli interessi di Google, si trova una citazione mascherata da link a Hooli, la multinazionale fittizia della serie tv Silicon Valley.

Step one: go to http://abc.xyz Step two: click the period after "drone delivery effort. Step three: enjoy.

Il primo easter egg della storia dei videogiochi 06.03.15

IGN racconta la storia del primo easter egg contenuto in un videogioco.
C'entra Atari, un programmatore di nome Warren Robinett e un gioco di ruolo.

It was 1979, and Atari programmer Warren Robinett was frustrated. The young engineer had already shipped a successful game called Slot Racers for the fledgling Atari 2600, and now he was working on something much more ambitious. Inspired by the text adventure games he’d played on computer mainframes, Robinett was building Adventure, a fantasy-themed graphical exploratory game and the conceptual predecessor to the action RPG.

I collegamenti tra Star Wars e Indiana Jones 17.10.13

Tegan Jones ha scoperto tutti gli easter egg che collegano le trilogie di Star Wars alla saga di Indiana Jones e viceversa.

Empire Strikes Back


This little gem can be spotted at the beginning of the movie when the main characters are still on Hoth. If you look closely at Han, you will see that on the left side of his utility belt he's wearing the bullwhip that would be made famous by the Indiana Jones trilogy. Now I can hear some perceptive readers say "But Tegan, Raiders of the Lost Ark hadn't even been filmed, let alone released yet." Right you are! Raiders wasn't released until a year after Empire, in 1981. However, Lucas had already written the story and already had both the bullwhip and Harrison Ford in mind. This wasn't the only time that Lucasfilm included preemptive easter eggs within the films – they would often include references to upcoming franchise games also.

L'easter egg di Google per il suo quindicesimo compleanno 27.09.13

Screenshot di Google

Oggi, nel quindicesimo compleanno di Google, cercando nella versione inglese "Google in 1998" la pagina dei risultati verrà mostrata con la grafica originale.

Let it snow 17.12.11

Screenshot di Google

Google si prepara al Natale con un easter egg. Cercando "Let it snow" la pagina dei risultati mostra una leggera nevicata che fa appannare lo schermo.

Fai un avvitamento 04.11.11

Facendo una ricerca su Google con la query "do a barrel roll" si ottiene un simpatico easter egg che fa compiere alla pagina una rotazione completa.