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Flipboard raggiunge il web 24.07.13

Flipboard, l'aggregatore di notizie in stile magazine, precedentemente disponibile solo in versione app per dispositivi mobili oggi raggiunge con le sue riviste a cura degli utenti anche computer desktop e notebook.

Since the launch of Flipboard 2.0, more than 2 million magazines have been made about every topic imaginable, from immigration reform to neon works of art to Sherlock Holmes. Now, for the first time, all of those magazines can be experienced on the Web. Starting today, when you share a Flipboard magazine via email or social media, anyone who clicks on the link can read it, whether or not they use Flipboard.

The Web magazines were uniquely designed for desktop browsing, all with Flipboard's signature look and feel. Each magazine has an expansive, full-bleed cover, and pages can be "flipped" from left and right, just like on mobile devices. Curators can continue to add content to their magazines from the Web and other Web magazines, but now they have a significant new way to grow readership.

Flipboard su iPhone 07.12.11

L'aggregatore in stile magazine ora è disponibile anche su iPhone.

Le nuove funzionalità di Flipboard 16.12.10

Aggiornamento sostanzioso per una delle migliori app per iPad.

By far our most requested feature to add was Google Reader.  When we spoke to Google Reader enthusiasts about it further, what we heard was that you wanted Google Reader integrated as a social network.  And that's what we have done.  We now have deep implementation of Google Reader. You can browse your folders and your friend's shared items.  You also have the ability to star, share, and comment on stories.

love how photos look on the iPad and in Flipboard, which has led to a lot of requests for Flickr support.  Once again, we have heard you loud and clear and we've added Flickr as a new social network on Flipboard.  We have added all the colors of Flickr, including your photostream, your favorites, groups, and more.  This brings a whole universe of beautiful images to your Flipboard.

We've also added significant new depth to our integration with Facebook and Twitter.  With Facebook, you can flip through your Facebook groups, fan pages, and photos from your feed.  For Twitter, you can also browse your Tweets, Twitter Favorites, @mentions and lists.  You can also tap on a friend's avatar icon in Flipboard to be brought to their profile or see their tweets.  These were all very popular requests as well. 

can now create new status updates, post photos, and even share Flipboard pages across Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader, and you can compose a new post from any where inside Flipboard.  You can even cross post between Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader.  If you see an interesting article on Twitter, you can post that story on your Facebook wall.  Simply put, you can post updates from anywhere, to any network.

We've made several improvements to Flipboard's interface by introducing fast switching between sections, browsing feeds and the ability to quickly add them to the table of contents. Just tap on a masthead from anywhere in the magazine and choose from a list of related features and recommended sections for quick viewing. This method of navigating feeds is a completely new way to browse social content; using related feeds and social curation instead of hyperlinks to go from one page to the next.

We have also made a lot of improvements to give you a more beautiful layout, including fully-justified text with hyphenation and faster access to the stories with faster load times.  We have eliminated the "read on web" button and now Flipboard automatically loads the original web page, RSS feed or Flipboard Pages view of a story when a reader taps on an excerpt. There is a deeper integration with Flipboard Pages, a way to display web content in a magazine-style layout that Flipboard is currently testing with nine publishers and creates a beautiful, end-to-end reading experience.

Flipboard, l'aggregatore che insegue i magazine 21.07.10

Flipboard è la nuova applicazione per iPad in grado di impaginare i contenuti dei tuoi social network preferiti con un layout in stile magazine, migliorandone la fruibilità.