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Tutti i guai di Gordon 03.06.09

Sul Guardian vanno giù pesanti con un editoriale su Gordon Brown chiedendone le dimissioni.

Gordon Brown talks much about his Presbyterian past, but he has a story to tell - about personal morality, a sense of justice and a belief in the power of politics that does, at its best, appeal to the "better angels of our nature", as he put it on his first day in Downing Street. The nation needs someone who answers this description to lead it now, just as Labour needs to find someone who is able to set out a case for progressive government. Political reform can no longer be put aside as an abstract idea, of appeal to dreamers but not to voters who face the harder realities of life. The public is calling furiously for a better system. People want an honest parliament. They want leaders who are prepared to act. They loathe the old system, and many of the people who are part of it.

Gordon Brown twitta 31.03.08

O meglio qualcuno dal numero 10 di Downing Street lo fa.