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La dettagliatissima mappa dell'isola che non c'è 24.08.13

Koana Islands

Ian Silva ha passato molto tempo per realizzare un'accurata mappa di un arcipelago di sua invenzione per una superficie equivalente a quelle di Spagna e Svezia combinate. Koana Islands.
Il sogno di bambino di ogni nerd cartografo.

People in the Koana Islands love baseball. The first league play started in 1882, barely six years after the MLB. Between the top-tier, Triple- and Double-A leagues, there are over 180 teams spanning the island nation. Fans are so rabid that there's even talk of expanding to a Single-A league, adding even more teams. If you're a baseball fan, you might be surprised you've never heard of this. You'll be even more surprised when you try to find the Koana Islands. That's because the 32-island chain, with its nine major cities, 11 national parks, 93 million residents and a landmass that is equal to Spain and Sweden combined does not really exist.