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Ibernare gli astronauti 26.08.13

Gli scienziati stanno studiando metodi per porre in letargo gli astronauti durante lunghe missioni nello spazio verso Marte per agevolarne il viaggio contenere lo spazio vitale necessario.

For the past decade or so, scientists have been exploring various ways to get astronauts to hibernate on the way to Mars. This is like falling asleep in the backseat on your way to grandma's, but times a thousand. A long sleep like that has its complications, though. For one, you have to keep the astronauts fed and hydrated while they're out. You also have to figure out a way to keep the astronauts' muscles from atrophying and prevent bone loss from the extended stay in a zero gravity environment. [...]

The benefits of the hibernation approach, meanwhile, are undeniable. The astronauts would still need sustenance and supplies but not nearly as much as they'd need if they were awake the whole time. Another benefit comes from radiation shielding. Since the astronauts can all be contained in a small area, there'd be no need to outfit the entire spacecraft with radiation shielding. Finally, there are plenty of psychological benefits to letting astronauts sleep through the impossibly long trip rather that post up with a Kindle or whatever it is astronauts do while bored in space.