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La storia di John Appleseed e di Apple 26.12.13

TechRadar racconta la genesi di John Appleseed, il nome dell'utente fittizio più famoso al mondo presente nei keynote di Apple. Dall'alias che Mike Markkula usava per firmare i suoi programmi che giravano su Apple II, fino alla sua presenza nelle icone di alcuni celebri software per OS X.
Un omaggio all'omonimo pioniere americano, al secolo John Chapman.

If John Appleseed's name doesn't ring a bell, let us do some jangling for you. He's the face you saw demoing the original iPhone, and in demos of subsequent iPhones, too. His face beamed out from the dashboard when Tim Cook showed off iOS in the car, and it's his name you often see when Apple demos new software.

Appleseed's connection with Apple goes back to the start of the 1980s. Apple then was a very different company than it is today: it became a public company in 1980 but wasn't a buttoned-up, blue-suited corporation like IBM; it was a blue-jeaned, open-necked shirt, bearded kind of company out to make a difference. Apple was Steve Jobs' and Steve Wozniak's baby, but the firm's CEO back then was Mike Markkula, who Jobs had lured out of retirement with the promise of Apple's potential.