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Ci siamo quasi giocati Last.fm 17.07.11

Il social network musicale ha un grosso problema con i database. Last.fm assicura tuttavia che i contenuti degli utenti non sarebbero andati persi.

PLEASE READ: We know your library is currently AWOL

All, the main database that serves the scrobbles is down. Unfortunately, our failover nodes also went AWOL. Basically, that worse case scenario that could never happened seems to have happened :(

Me and the rest of the team are working hard to restore things but it may take a while. Meanwhile, your scrobble history is all fine. Although the nodes are down the data is safe and we have backups (and backups of backups) of all your scrobbles.

I know it's frustrating for you all but please bear with us -- I promise you having to work on a Sunday afternoon rather than dozing on the sofa is just as frustrating for us!

I'll post back here once things are back to a working state.

Thanks for your patience.

Cosa è successo a Last.fm 22.01.11

In pochi se ne sono accorti, ma Last.fm - il social network dei gusti musicali - ha affrontato nella giornata di ieri uno stop di 12 ore a causa di un guasto hardware, provocato dalla rottura di uno chassis e dell'alimentatore di un server.

A differenza di altri black out di questo tipo la notizia sembra aver interessato poco la socialsfera, che si è dimostrata alquanto fredda a riguardo.

As many of you will be aware, Last.fm has been experiencing an extended period of downtime in all user-facing services. A hardware failure has led to one of the most serious system outages we have experienced for a long time, and we are very sorry about the inconvenience caused to our listeners. At this moment everything should be on its way back to normal, but it could take some time for all services to return to a fully stable state.