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Navigare su internet come Richard Stallman 20.05.15

Probabilmente nessuno naviga su internet come fa Richard Stallman, pioniere del software libero e del copyleft. Le sue priorità in materia di etica, privacy e sicurezza sono uniche. O quasi.

I am careful in how I use the Internet.

I generally do not connect to web sites from my own machine, aside from a few sites I have some special relationship with. I usually fetch web pages from other sites by sending mail to a program (see git://git.gnu.org/womb/hacks.git) that fetches them, much like wget, and then mails them back to me. Then I look at them using a web browser, unless it is easy to see the text in the HTML page directly. I usually try lynx first, then a graphical browser if the page needs it (using konqueror, which won't fetch from other sites in such a situation).

I occasionally also browse using IceCat via Tor. I think that is enough to prevent my browsing from being connected with me, since I don't identify myself to the sites I visit.

I never pay for anything on the Web. Anything on the net that requires payment, I don't do. (I made an exception for the fees for the stallman.org domain, since that is connected with me anyway.)

I would not mind paying for a copy of an e-book or music recording on the Internet if I could do so anonymously, and it were ethical in other ways (no DRM or EULA). But that option almost never exists. I keep looking for ways to make it happen.

Stallman 05.05.08

Richard "free" Stallman sarà a Savona il 7 maggio all'interno del seminario intitolato "Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks".

Appuntamento alle 15 nell'aula AN4 del Campus universitario di Savona.