Sul lato radical chic dell'Atlantico.

La storia dei nomi di George Alexander Louis 26.07.13

Royal Baby a Legoland

La CNN analizza l'antroponimia di George Alexander Louis, futuro re del Regno Unito.

"George" -- the front-runner before the announcement, according to many UK bookmakers -- was the name of Queen Elizabeth's father, King George VI, who reigned from 1936 until his death in 1952. He assumed the throne on the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII. [...]
George I, born in Germany, became king in 1714. He was followed by a line of kings with the same name, including George III, who was known for his bouts of insanity.
The name is also a patriotic choice for many in the UK: Saint George, patron saint of England, is known for his legendary defeat of a dragon in the third century. His feast day is celebrated on April 23, (the date also associated with the birth of William Shakespeare, England's most revered writer).
Despite its royal connections, George has humble origins, derived as it is from the Greek name "georgios" meaning "earth worker" or "farmer."

This gallant title means "defender of men," from the Latin form of the Greek name "Alexandros." Alexander III of Macedon (356-323 B.C.), better known as Alexander the Great, courageously ruled and conquered many parts of the world before his untimely death at age 32.
The name "Alexander" is a feature of the Dutch royal family: Willem-Alexander ascended to the throne after the abdication of his mother Queen Beatrix earlier this year. [...]

The name "Louis" originates from the English and French interpretations of the German name Ludwig, which can be interpreted as "renowned warrior."
Louis was the first name of Lord Mountbatten, uncle of George's great-grandfather Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and mentor to Prince Charles. He was killed by the IRA while holidaying in Ireland in 1979.
No British monarch has been named Louis, but it is very popular across the English Channel in France, where 18 kings have taken the name from 814 onward. Louis XIV, the Sun King, reigned from 1643 until 1715 and was hailed by many as the greatest monarch of his age because of the growth in French power and the opulence of his court, which included the Palace of Versailles.

L'annuncio del Royal Baby 22.07.13

L'annuncio della nascita del Royal Baby

Alle 16:24, ora di Greenwich, è nato al St. Mary Hospital il figlio del duca e della duchessa di Cambridge, erede al trono del Regno Unito.
Il bambino pesa 8 libbre e 6 once, poco più di 3,8 kg.

L'annuncio, come da tradizione, è stato esposto davanti a Buckingham Palace. Per il nome del futuro re bisognerà attendere ancora.

Consegne reali 22.07.13

La pagina del Times per il Royal Baby

La prima pagina del Times dedicata alla nascita del Royal Baby.

Royal Baby Navy 02.05.15

Marinai formano la parola sorella sulla HMS Lancaster

I marinai dell HMS Lancaster, l'unità della marina britannica soprannominata Queen's Frigate, salutano la nascita della secondogenita dei principi formando sul ponte la parola "sorella".

Il principe X 23.07.13

Il principe neonato e i duchi di Cambridge

Il più giovane principe del mondo esce dall'ospedale di St. Mary in braccio ai duchi di Cambridge. I sudditi dovranno attendere ancora qualche giorno per conoscere il nome del futuro re del Regno Unito, nato ieri.

Fonte: Guardian