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L'iPhone potrebbe superare il test di Turing 24.10.11

Basta essere pazienti e tra non molto potrebbe non notarsi più la differenza tra conversare con Siri - l'assistente personale di iPhone 4S - e chiacchierare con un essere umano.

With the iPhone users accessing Siri to find restaurants, make appointments, and ask trivia-level questions (and with more areas of interaction added down the road), Apple's servers are going to amass the queries of millions of people many times every day. And as Google has shown with Google Translate, if a computer has enough raw material, it can pretty much figure this sort of thing out.

[...] So as this database grows by orders of magnitude and the logic is refined accordingly, if a Turing Test is fashioned to distinguish a computer from a person in the day-to-day tasks of working with a personal assistant – in one room is hidden an iPhone, in another room a person, you interact with them as you would an executive assistant over the course of the day, and then at the end of the day you choose which one you think is the person – it is only a matter of time before the iPhone becomes indistinguishable from the human.