Niente panico! Ok, panico.

Le foto dell'Atlantic 09.01.15

La nuova sezione dedicata al fotogiornalismo su The Atlantic che prenderà il posto di In Focus e che sarà curata da Alan Taylor.

I'd like to introduce our readers to The Atlantic's new Photo section, an expanded home for photography at TheAtlantic.com. This new section features not only an updated look, but more variety in formats, wider images for bigger screens, and a design that works well across a range of mobile devices.

As the editor of the Photo section, I'll continue to publish long-form photo essays nearly every day, as I have for years, in a series we'll still call In Focus, but I'll also start publishing shorter posts-often just a single noteworthy image-under a new category we're calling Burst. I'm really excited to be able to share even more high-quality photography with even more readers.

Un anno in 120 foto 09.12.11

Un rinoceronte in volo sul Sud Africa.

Dalla primavera araba allo tsunami giapponese, dagli attentati di Utoya e Oslo all'uccisione di Osama Bin Laden. Dallo Space Shuttle a Steve Jobs.
L'Atlantic raccoglie gli eventi di una anno in una splendida galleria fotografica.