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L'algoritmo dei reggiseni 25.02.13

L'algoritmo alla base del perfetto acquisto online delle vostre coppe.

True&Co uses an algorithm to pick two additional bras to send out, based on what can be discerned from the customer's choices. So the customer ends up with five bras to try on at home, with no obligation to buy. Most of the company’s bras are priced from $45 to $62.

The 15-question quiz asks for the customer's band and cup size and the manufacturer of her current "best fitting (and beloved) bra," and works from there to determine how the fit of that favorite bra could be improved. Other quiz questions include: "Do your cups runneth over?" citing things like cleavage or underarms -- or "No spills, all good." The question "What is your shape?" is followed by these choices: Well-Rounded, Bottom Happy, Taking Sides and Bottom & Sides.