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Windows Internet Explorer 8 19.03.09

The Web browser is arguably the most important piece of software on a computer. No longer just a tool for perusing or searching for information, it has become, for many people, their principal communications medium, their photo album, their newspaper, social club, bank and shopping mall.

And, among Web browsers, by far the most popular is Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or IE, which comes on every new Windows computer. So when Microsoft (MSFT) changes Internet Explorer, those changes affect vast numbers of people, and the Web itself. This week, Microsoft is changing its browser in a major way. On Thursday, the company will release IE8, the biggest overhaul of Internet Explorer in years.

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Internet Explorer 8 in arrivo 18.03.09

Si parla di un imminente arrivo di Internet Explorer 8.
Roba di pochi giorni, se non di ore.

Se è vero che internet is for porn 22.08.08

Sono convinto che IE 8 spaccherà.