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I veri finlandesi 17.04.11

Timo Soini leader dei Veri Finlandesi

Le facce sveglie, dell'ultradestra ignorante e populista che avanza Europa, si assomigliano da Varese a Rauma.

Ecco come l'avanzata del partito dei Veri Finlandesi, guidati da Timo Soini, può compromettere gli accordi in seno all'Unione per il salvataggio finanziario del Portogallo.

Unlike other Eurozone states, Finland puts requests for bail-out funds to a majority vote in parliament and risks defeat at the hands of an opposition coalition of the True Finns and Social Democrats, also sceptical of eurozone loans.

An EU bail-out of Portugal, expected in June, must be approved unanimously by all 17 eurozone members and a Finnish Ei, or No, could plunge Europe's single currency into a new crisis.

[...] Timo Soini, the leader of the True Finns, has pledged to work to block the Portuguese bail-out, sparking alarm in Brussels and across other EU capitals.

"The party is over," he said. "Why should Finland bail anyone out? We won't hand over more Finnish money to be burned in the fire."