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Leggo iNews su iPad 19.10.09

Apple on Thursday made a subtle-yet-major revision to its App Store policy, enabling extra content to be sold through free iPhone apps. It's a move that immediately impacts the publishing industry, and it could pay even bigger dividends if the Cupertino, California, company indeed delivers its highly anticipated touchscreen tablet.

While the most obvious beneficiaries would be app developers, a market segment that can also benefit from the new in-app commerce model are people and companies that create content and need to set up shop in a way that doesn't, in effect, charge someone for just walking in - like media publishers.

Newspapers and magazines are reportedly in talks with Apple about repurposing their content onto a "new device", presumably the rumored touchscreen tablet Apple will deliver in early 2010. Numerous reports suggest an Apple tablet would have a strong focus on redefining print media. Enabling in-app commerce through free apps was a crucial move to help make this goal a reality.

Il che equivale a dire che la modifica di Apple alle policy dell'App Store aprirebbe la strada alla distibuzione di news a partire dal prossimo futuro. Giusto in tempo per sfruttare le potenzialità del tanto rumoreggiato iPad.