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What do you remember? 04.11.09

I remember the feeling I felt during the elation of election night -- in the midst of the exhaustion and exhilaration of the crowd, not knowing whether to scream, laugh or cry, so we did all three at the same time....

It can be summed up in that word we campaigned so hard on -- hope. A mixture of the pride of the accomplishment. The security of knowing that we had worked so hard for so long in a cause we felt so deeply and had won, and it was time to celebrate.

But we have to keep on going. We are in the middle of the battle for health reform, this is one that I work on every day. Being embroiled in the middle of it, it is so easy to get caught up in each and every shift of the tide. To become discouraged when we lose a skirmish one day. But as I watched the president's speech in New York on October 20th I remembered how far we have come -- Congress is getting ready to debate a health reform bill on the floor of both houses -- AND they both contain a public option. That is AMAZING if you look at the long history of health reform. When you think of what we are up against and then look down at your own hands armed with only a clipboard and a cell phone it can be overwhelming. But we are winning with the sheer power of millions of voices.

And that is the feeling of hope. That we are not at our destination, but we are at a rest stop on the road to it.

So I am so glad to celebrate another milestone. One year from the night of elation after staying up a full 24 hours to make sure we crossed the goal line with the ball in our hands. And I am realizing in this moment that I am so proud to be on that road with millions of others who believe we can all have something better. That we can do something to make our country stronger.

Via Diana C.