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Il minatore cileno alla maratona di New York 08.11.10

I maratoneti a New York

Edison Peña, uno dei minatori rimasti intrappolati nella miniera cilena di San José ha partecipato ieri alla maratona di New York.

Edison Peña could be forgiven for having to slow to a walk at times during the New York City Marathon on Sunday. His training, after all, came via subterranean loops of only a few miles at a time, with the tunnels of a collapsed gold and copper mine for a course and sawed-off work boots for footwear.

But after fighting through knee pain to jog across the finish line in under six hours, Peña wanted to clear something up.

"First of all, I want to say that I would have run faster," he said. "And I did run faster in the mine."