L'Homeland Security chiude ATDHE

Geek   02.02.11  

ATDHE.net, popolare raccolta di link a eventi sportivi e televisivi in streaming, è stato chiuso dall'Homeland Security per violazione delle leggi in materia di copyright.
Particolare rilevante, il sito contiene solo link e non materiale coperto da diritto d'autore.

In attesa che la situazione si chiarisca è già stato aperto ATDHE.me.

The first tweets mentioning the disappearance of ATDHE started at around noon pacific. By two in the afternoon, tweets began mentioning ATDHE.me, the replacement site. In much the same way, the ATDHE Twitter account also quickly tweeted out the IP address to use until the site went back online under a different name.

Another site taken down today first tweeted at 2:12 that it was down. At 2:17, it tweeted again to say that it could be found at an alternate domain name. As I said: Whac-A-Mole.

What makes the whole thing even more interesting is that ATDHE.net didn't host any illegal content. It was a list of links to homemade video streams on sites like Justin.tv. As we saw with content takedowns on Twitter last April, however, direct hosting of content may not be necessary to remove something - just linking may be enough. With ATDHE, streams consisted of someone literally pointing a camera on a tripod at their television and streaming that. Where does the illegality come into play here and is seizing the domain name the answer?

Anche Rojadirecta.org ha subito un analogo fato.

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