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Fly me to the Moon 26.01.12

Newt Gingrich promette di realizzate una colonia permanente sulla Luna entro il 2020 se sarà eletto presidente per due mandati.

As Charles Homans notes, the former House Speaker has been touting extravagant lunar missions since at least 1984: "At first, it would be a rough, provisional thing: Crews of four to six people would shunt to and from the outpost on three or six month shifts... preparing for a more permanent lunar presence," Homans writes. "It would be a hardscrabble frontier life, but if all went according to plan, a decade later, the base would have blossomed into a full-blown colony, home to as many as 300 people. By mid-century, it would have a population the size of a respectable Midwestern dairy town, its residents busy tending to bustling robot-assisted manufacturing and agricultural industries."