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Planet Tollywood 07.02.12

Ramoji Film City

Vanity Fair alla scoperta degli studios più estesi del pianeta. La risposta dell'Andhra Pradesh a Bollywood.
Ecco Ramoji Film City, a pochi chilometri da Hyderabad.

For years, Bollywood, India's Mumbai-based film industry, has been pumping out twice as many movies as Hollywood. But its southern rival, Tollywood (named for the local language, Telugu), is home to the largest studio complex on the planet-Ramoji Film City, a 1,666-acre, 47-soundstage, one-stop production facility in Hyderabad that is one of the country's top tourist attractions. Meeting its chairman, Ramoji Rao, Pico Iyer explores India's enduring fascination with epic scale, and Robert Polidori captures the splendor of this vast mythmaking machine.