Il nuovo nome di iPad 08.03.12

Una spiegazione originale sulla scelta di apple di chiamare il suo nuovo tablet Nuovo iPad.

Short term, that may be a little confusing. Presumably, Apple will eventually quit calling this thing "the new iPad" and just refer to it as the iPad. And when it does, that's going to be kind of weird because Apple is still selling the iPad 2. (At least for now.) In six months, will you be choosing between an iPad and an iPad 2, with the iPad being the newer, better model? Do they just plan on calling it "new" until iPad 2 inventory runs dry? That's going to take some shaking out.

But long term, it makes sense. Think about the iPhone. The iPhone 4S is the fifth generation iPhone, which would make an iPhone 5, if there was to be one, the sixth generation iPhone. See? Confusing! Which is why folks are already predicting that the next iPhone will simply be called iPhone, and not iPhone 5. Simple.