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Chirurgia a gravità zero 04.10.12

La NASA sta testando attrezzature e addestrando personale medico in grado di operare pazienti in ambienti a gravità ridotta per garantire la massima sicurezza agli astronauti impegnati in missioni su altri corpi celesti e a bordo di stazioni spaziali e astronavi.

This week, NASA is testing a device known as the Aqueous Immersion Surgical System (AISS) that could possibly make space surgery possible. Designed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Louisville, AISS is a domed box that can fit over a wound. When filled with a sterile saline solution, a water-tight seal is created that prevents fluids from escaping. It can also be used to collect blood for possible reuse. "You won't have a blood bank in space, so if there is bleeding you want to save as much blood as you can," one of the researchers, James Burgess, told New Scientist.

If it works well enough, that will be one more thing ticked off the pre-Mars to-do list.