Come funziona internet nello spazio 11.11.12

La NASA e l'ESA hanno testato con successo un nuovo tipo di protocollo internet, spina dorsale di un futuro web interplanetario, telecomando dalla Stazione Spaziale Internazionale un robot Lego sulla Terra. Ecco come funziona:

In a nutshell -- we'll get down and dirty with the tech lower in the piece -- DTN allows a standard method of communication over long distances and through time delays, agency officials said. Its centering tech is similar to the IP protocol (that is the TCP/IP protocol) that is the building block of the Internet we use on Earth. That's called the Bundle Protocol (BP).

The big difference between BP and IP is that, while IP assumes a more or less smooth pathway for packets going from start to end point, BP allows for disconnections, glitches and other problems you see commonly in deep space, Younes said. Basically, a BP network -- the one that will the Interplanetary Internet possible -- moves data packets in bursts from node to node, so that it can check when the next node is available or up.