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Il piano a lungo termine di Israele 17.11.12

Jeffrey Goldberg si chiede quale sia il piano a lungo termine di Israele per rispondere alle aggressioni a colpi di razzi da parte di Hamas e su come normalizzare la situazione palestinese nella Striscia di Gaza, alla luce dell'attuale fallimento politico.

What is Israel's long-term strategy? Short-term, I understand: No state can agree to have its civilians rocketed. But long-term, do Israeli leaders believe that they possess a military solution to their political problem in Gaza? There is no way out of this militarily. Israel is not Russia, Gaza is not Chechnya and Netanyahu isn't Putin. Even if Israel were morally capable of acting like Russia, the world would not allow it. So: Is the goal to empower Hamas? Some right-wingers in Israel would prefer Hamas's empowerment, because they want to kill the idea of a two-state solution. But to those leaders who are at least verbally committed to the idea of partition, what is the plan? How do you marginalize Hamas, which seeks the destruction of Jews and the Jewish state, and empower the more moderate forces that govern the West Bank?