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Il supercomputer più veloce del mondo è una macchina del tempo 22.11.12

Il supercomputer più volece del mondo si chiama Titan è stato realizzato all'Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Capace letteralmente di predirre il futuro.

Titan is so quick that Buddy Bland, the project director for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, calls it a "time machine."

Titan has a peak performance of more than 27 petaflops – or 27 thousand trillion calculations per second (see video, below). It can do more work in an hour than your personal computer can do in 20 years. "The simulations on the machine today are trying to predict what's going to happen in the future," Bland says. "So with a more powerful computer we can look farther into the future to predict what's going to happen."

But what truly sets this machine apart isn't just the machine's time-blurring speed that put Titan at the top of Top500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers this week. Or even that it's five-times more energy efficient than its predecessor, when running compute-intensive, large-scale scientific research. It's the machine's potentially world-changing applications. "We're simulating things like what goes on in the climate, what goes on in building engines, what goes on in nuclear reactors," Bland says.