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I blog di Quora 24.01.13

Quora, il social network di risposte qualificate di esperti a domande intelligenti, ha creato una propria piattaforma di blogging che collega i post pubblicati al proprio archivio basandosi sugli upvote.

The Internet is full of experts with no one reading their insights. It takes a lot of work to build a following. So today Quora launches a blogging platform that automatically distributes posts to its Q&A site users who follow related topics. Thanks to its upvote system, home page feed, and a new mobile text editor, anyone with something brilliant to blog, even first-timers, can find a readership.

[...] That led me to predict it would launch a blogging platform that offered authors access to its highly-engaged readership. It made sense since Quora was already driving huge view counts of high-quality answers -- essentially orphan blog posts. Quora tells me active writers get over 30,000 monthly views and 350,000 annual views. Its most hardcore contributors can get over 1 million views a year, and most great answers go viral and gets tens of thousands of reads. Bringing that audience to both novice and veteran bloggers looked like a natural evolution for Quora.