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Il riscaldamento globale e la marmotta 31.01.13

Il paper pubblicato su Annals of Improbable Research che dimostra l'evidenza del riscaldamento globale analizzando lo storico delle previsioni di Phil, la marmotta di Punxsutawney.

The Groundhog Oscillation is convincing evidence of climate change. This finding is consistent with those of other recent studies. Compare Figure 3 with Figure 1 to see one instance of this.
This raises a number of intriguing questions. Perhaps the most puzzling is this: How is this phenomenon -- the GO - related to sea-surface changes? Phil is normally landlocked in west-central Pennsylvania, so the connection must be complex, and therefore fascinating.

To make further progress in understanding global climate change, we must initiate additional, widespread groundhog observation programs (each calibrated by Phil, of course). In the interest of science, we must place groundhogs at each weather observing station worldwide. Only thus can we obtain and analyze the complete set of data we need to understand global climate change.

It has not escaped our attention that, in Phil, we have discovered a key for easing tensions over politically touchy scientific questions. All the world loves a furry, cute scientific instrument.