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Chi ha vinto e chi ha perso nel braccio di ferro sullo shutdown 17.10.13

The Week analizza lo scontro tra democratici e repubblicani sul nodo dell'indebitamento che ha portato all'accordo per fermare lo shutdown. Se indicare il Tea Party come lo sconfitto di questa battaglia politica appare scontato, più difficile è stabilire chi abbia vinto la guerra.

Few would argue that anybody came out a "winner" after the disaster known as the government shutdown. The polls show that Americans are pretty much tired of everybody in Washington, and nobody sounded all that triumphant when it was over.

"There are no winners here," said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney after Senate leaders reached a deal to fund the government until Jan. 15 and extend the debt ceiling to Feb. 7. The House and the Senate are expected to pass the deal later tonight, ending our two-week-long national nightmare.

Still, some people were hurt more badly by the shutdown than others, which could have serious consequences in the world of politics -- not to mention future budget battles.