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Fuggire dallo Stato Islamico 18.08.14

La storia di Hasan, in fuga dallo Stato Islamico attraverso l'Iraq, raccontata da ThinkProgress.

"I don't want to live in a city where ISIS is," Hasan said. "I don't accept their faith, I don't accept their ideas, their opinions. There is no city for ISIS and I. No city can hold us together."

Even over the electronically distorted crackle of a Skype connection, Hasan sounded exhausted. It was only 7:00 in the evening here in Washington, D.C., but he was in Duhok, Iraq, where it was almost 2:00AM. He had trouble sleeping, but not for reasons usually cited by young people in their 20s, such as late nights with friends or stress over final exams. Instead, Hasan, who requested ThinkProgress not publish his real name out of safety concerns, couldn’t sleep because he was still recovering from his narrow escape from murderous religious extremists.

"Life here... it changes the way you live," he said, his voice soft so as not to arouse slumbering neighbors or suspicion. "All the families that I arrived with have insomnia, so usually we don’t actually get to sleep until 6:00AM."