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Come Guerre Stellari ha conquistato l'universo 21.11.14

Nel suo libro How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, Chris Taylor ripercorre l'intuizione e il processo che ha portato George Lucas a costruire uno dei più grandi franchise della storia del cinema capace di bucare l'immaginario diventando cultura di massa.

How did a few notes scribbled on a legal pad in 1973 by George Lucas, a man who hated writing, turn into a four billion dollar franchise that has quite literally transformed the way we think about entertainment, merchandizing, politics, and even religion? A cultural touchstone and cinematic classic, Star Wars has a cosmic appeal that no other movie franchise has been able to replicate. From Jedi-themed weddings and international storm-trooper legions, to impassioned debates over the digitization of the three Star Wars prequels, to the shockwaves that continue to reverberate from Disney's purchase of the beloved franchise in 2012, the series hasn't stopped inspiring and inciting viewers for almost forty years. Yet surprisingly little is known about its history, its impact -- or where it's headed next.