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Quando tutti avremo un drone in tasca 17.12.14

Un possibile e vicinissimo futuro in cui i droni personali saranno ubiqui, immaginato nei suoi aspetti positivi e negativi da Zoltan Istvan.

Over the next decade, we'll see the rise of lightweight drones that fit in your pocket. In all practicality, they will be flying smartphones. I call them that because some manufactures believe drones might actually replace smartphones as the key communication device in the world. And those manufacturers plan to outfit drones with far more than camera capabilities.

That sounds pretty good to me. I would like my smartphone and pal Siri to be airborne, so they can follow my daughter to school, see if the mail has arrived yet, and do a surf check for me so I don't have to leave my house. Frankly, it's not difficult to imagine myriad reasons a flying smartphone would be beneficial.

However, there are probably many reasons to be cautious, too. Will jealous people have personal drones follow and film their spouses and lovers? Will criminals use personal drones to pay for and pick up hard drugs? Will landlords spy on tenants doing questionable activities? These are challenging questions--many which involve violations of what some people consider essential personal freedoms.