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I 100 film preferiti da Akira Kurosawa 14.01.15

La lista, pubblicata nel libro Yume wa tensai de aru dalla figlia Kazuko dopo la morte del regista, elenca i 100 film preferiti da Kurosawa, compilati in ordine cronologico e limitati a una sola pellicola per regista.

My father always said that the films he loved were too many to count, and to make a top ten rank. That explains why you cannot find in this list many of the titles of the films he regarded as wonderful. The principle of the choice is: one film for one director, entry of the unforgettable films about which I and my father had a lovely talk, and of some ideas on cinema that he had cherished but did not express in public. This is the way I made a list of 100 films of Kurosawa's choice.