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L'ecosistema di Facebook 26.03.15

Rischi e opportunità nella scelta di Facebook di trasformare Messenger, l'app di messagistica evoluta del colosso dei social network, in una piattaforma aperta ad app di terze parti che avranno la possibilità di estenderne e integrarne le funzionalità.

With Messenger now serving as a platform, you'll be able to do everything from ordering a cab to creating stupid GIFs, without needing to leave the service. You can message businesses directly to ask questions, reserve a table or organize an event. This is all possible from the same app.

Now that you can pay friends directly in the Messenger app too, there's one less reason to leave. Every day that another integration is built for Messenger, there's another reason to stay on the service; Facebook now owns your private conversations and your payments.

All of these things are awesome, because we live in a time where it's easier than ever to do everything you want to do, with no friction, in a single place. Unfortunately, it also puts a lot of power in a single place.