La storia di Android, da startup a gigante

Geek   29.03.15  

Se oggi Google può permettersi di essere leader del mercato dei sistemi operativi mobili con Android, lo deve ad Andy Rubin e all'aver scelto un modello di business, che a differenza di Apple, è progettato per attrarre le compagnie telefoniche invece di concentrarsi sul rapporto diretto con il cliente.

[...] the iPhone contributed to Android's success in a strange way.

The iPhone was released as an exclusive to AT&T, and the buzz around its launch alone was enough to convince the world that this was going to be big.

By 2009 the growing success of the iPhone had become a problem for Verizon, one former Google employee on the Android team said. The company had no real smartphone option that could compete with the iPhone just yet.

The iPhone pushed phone manufacturers and carriers to side with Android.

Carriers viewed the iPhone as the biggest threat to their business models. With the iPhone, Apple owned the relationship with the customer -- not AT&T. And customers were switching from other carriers to AT&T to get their hands on the iPhone.

So when the iPhone was announced, it was much easier for Android to sign on with carrier partners.

Compared to the iPhone, Android was a much more appealing opportunity for carriers. Rubin and his team pitched it as a platform for developers, not consumers, which made carriers and phone manufacturers feel more comfortable.

"At the time, the strategy was to counter," one source who previously worked in Google’s Android division said. "Look at what Android brings as a way for them to actually fight the iPhone from kicking [carriers] out of relevance... Let's find terms that carriers would be happy with that will help them in their crusade against the iPhone."

Carriers could modify the phones and add their branding, which gave them some control over the product.

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