Tempesta di cervelli.

La tavola da surf realizzata da un ingegnere aerospaziale 25.08.15

Tavola da surf Varial Surf Technology

Edison Conner, ex dipendente di SpaceX, ha fondato la Varial Surf Technology per produrre tavole da surf più rigide, leggere e resistenti, grazie all'impiego di nuovi materiali e tecnologie.

They replaced the wooden stringer with an ultra­rigid foam similar to the type used in helicopter rotor blades and in rocket-propulsion systems. The foam is 30 percent stronger, with seven times the stiffness (or modulus) of conventional foam. It's also 25 percent lighter. That means surfers have a board that’s easier to control and more durable.

Varial's chemists altered the poly­mers of the foam, producing high levels of crystallinity. The crystallized foam consists of structured, rigid latticelike polymer chains. Crystallization also makes cell walls thinner. That lets chemists pack more cells into a tighter, more-angular (or poly­gonal) cell structure. The structure is stronger and firmer than the looser, more-bubblelike cell structure of conventional polyurethane foam.